Anti-Undead Teaching Philosophy: Overview


My teaching philosophy rests on the perhaps tendentious conviction that out of all college courses, freshman writing is perhaps the most important one students take, and for this simple reason: it teaches them how to think. Trouble is, thinking is hard; teaching how to think, harder still.

Many of you teach writing, and you know as well as I that such courses can be genuinely vital and exciting, they can be quite listless and moribund, or they can be somewhere between those two poles.  It’s up to the instructor. The most challenging option involves going “beyond” the “zombie pedagogy” that many college courses have embraced.  They have embraced this pedagogy partly, I think, because much of the competition is not from “live” sources anyway, but from online courses, hybrids, or MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses), all of which seem to have displaced human consciousness and individuality and stripped away the version of…

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