International Women’s Day

March 8 was International Women’s Day, and here is a review of a bunch of items of interest.


The daily newsletter from the Brookings Institute was devoted to topics related to women’s issues:

Julia Gillard address the question “What Does International Women’s Day Mean for the Future of Gender Equality? []

Richard V. Reeves and Nathan Joo address the question “What’s really driving the gender wage gap?” in an article titled “Occupational Hazard? The Future of the Gender Wage Gap.” []

And Carol Graham reports on some recent research that represents “Good News for Ineternational Women’s Day: Women Are (Usually) Happier than Men.” []


Over several days, Business Insider distributed the following items:

Rachel Gillett identifies “15 Important Jobs Women Have Never Held.” []

Andy Kiersz explains why “The Gender Pay Gap Is Bad in Some States and Worse in Others.” []

Kathleen Elkins identifies “The Only Five Jobs Where Women Earn More than Men.” []

Rachell Gillett identifies “The Ten Best Companies for Women Who Want to Get Promoted Quickly.” []

Matt Rosoff charts “How the Big Tech Companies Measure Up When It Comes to Female Workers.” []

Sophie Darragh profiles “Five Incredible Female Scientists You’ve Probably Never Heard of.” []

Likewise, Emmie Martin and Jessica Orwig profile fifteen notable female scientists in “These 15 Scientists Have Something Important in Common.” []

Julie Bort explores “Nine Ways That Men and Women See Things Differently at Work.” []

And Jessica Phelan profiles “Seven of the Most Badass Women Who Ever Lived” and includes a large number of honorable mentions in each category. []


In an article for The Atlantic that complements Andy Kiersz’s piece for Business Insider, Bourree Lam attempts to answer the question “How Do We Close the Wage Gap in the U.S.?” []


Common Dreams distributed the following items, all with an emphasis on the word “international”:

Emily Arasim, Kevin Koenig, and Belen Paez of Amazonia Watch report that “Over Five Hundred Indigenous Women of the Amazon and Allies March for Climate Justice, Indigenous Rights on International Women’s Day.” []

Jagoda Munic asserts that “On International Women’s Day and Everyday, We Are All Berta Caceres.” []

In “With ‘Fierce Love and Conviction,’ Women Take Stand for Mother Earth,” Lauren McAuley reports how women in many nations honor the memories and legacies of activists such as Berta Caceres. []

In “The Stories I Will Tell my Daughter,” Jen Maman highlights the importance of sharing the stories of women who have stood up against oppression in large and small ways. []


As part of its Teaching with the Library of Congress series, the Library provided a link to “The Long Drive for Women’s Suffrage: Using Chronicling America to Explore the Time and Place of an Unfolding Event.” []


Writing for the Women’s Earth and Climate Action Network, Emily Arasim and Osprey Orielle Lake report “Women of the Amazon Defend Their Homeland against New Oil Contract on International Women’s Day.” []


The Committee to Protect Journalists has posted the piece “On International Women’s Day, CPJ Recognizes Nine Female Journalists Jailed for Their Work.” []



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