End of Season Sale?

End of Season Sale


I wonder, where does all of this stuff go at the end of a campaign? Into a landfill?

Is there anyone in the country who has collected the campaign chotchkies of all of the candidates who have run in 2016?

Did candidates such as George Pataki and Jim Gilmore even bother to produce them?

All that I have been able to locate for the Gilmore campaign is these two campaign buttons:

Gilmore for President Button [1] Gilmore for President Button [2]


Would any of this stuff have value as collectibles if someone was determined to save it?

Or are we interested only in the winners?


The biggest collection that I have been able to find online appears to be in the Museum of Democracy:

Museum of Democracy

See: http://www.museumofdemocracy.org/.

Interestingly, the “campaign chotkies” become “political memorabilia” when they are formally collected and displayed.



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