More Evidence of the Value of a Liberal Arts Education

A new report from PayScale [] includes the results of a survey of personnel managers, who were asked to indicate what percentage of their companies’ recent hires lack certain skills.

Skills Lacking in New Hires

3 thoughts on “More Evidence of the Value of a Liberal Arts Education

  1. Interestingly enough, the list of skills have very little relevance to liberal arts. Outside of writing, the remaining skills are not normally taught as liberal arts. While some, such as public speaking, might be considered liberal arts, they also aren’t normally taught. Other skills are better learned in the mathematics and sciences (STEM topics).

  2. Thanks for the graphic. I agree with Michael that few of these skills are actually taught. Many of these skills gaps have been the topic of Engineering University review board discussions for years now. Since this continues to be obviously we aren’t doing things right. Our product Virtual Orator provides a new way to help students gain skills in public speaking in VR ( Educational discounts available.

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