AAUP-UC Says No to 50% Increase in Healthcare Costs

The following message was sent to AAUP members at the University of Cincinnati late last week. (I have omitted links for RSVPs and the full contract proposals.)


Dear AAUP Member,

As you know, President Santa Ono is leaving UC. I wish him well in his next endeavor. President Ono did many good things for the University. His consistent pledge to invest in people was appreciated, although words did not always match deeds during his tenure.

It is unclear how President Ono’s departure will affect ongoing contract negotiations.

What we do know is that that the Administration’s latest economic proposals—increases in health insurance costs of 50% or more for most faculty and minimal increases in salary–demonstrates a deep contempt for the Faculty.

We also know that in the past reckless members of the Board of Trustees have tried exploit a perceived leadership void to undercut the Faculty’s position.

We need to demonstrate that these economic proposals are unacceptable and that faculty will not be cowered.  Please attend the Board of Trustees meeting on Tuesday, June 21st at 8:30 AM at the Alumni Center on the uptown campus.

And bring a fellow faculty member with you.

Ron Jones, President AAUP-UC


These are photos of the unexpectedly large faculty turnout at that Board of Trustees meeting:



It is noteworthy that one of the main concerns with Santa Ono’s departure from the University of Cincinnati relates to the institution’s desire to join the Big 12 Conference. A headline in the Cincinnati Enquirer asks, “Will Ono’s Departure Hurt UC’s Big 12 Hopes?” Never mind that such a change in conference affiliation will initially cost the university tens of millions of dollars–beyond the tens of millions allocated to current subsidies to intercollegiate athletics and to upgrades to athletic facilities. Apparently, these costs are supposed to be borne without question by students and by the faculty and staff who serve the university’s core academic mission.


2 thoughts on “AAUP-UC Says No to 50% Increase in Healthcare Costs

  1. I am long-term contingent faculty at my institution, Pacific Lutheran. The benefits for the rank of Senior Lecturer, including health insurance, have been cancelled starting in 2017. AAUP, we need your help.

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