6 thoughts on “An English-Teachery Post

  1. The state of language recently has become quite poor. I see the most egregious examples on social media. It’s sad to see that proper grammar is no longer a requirement in schools. Hilarious video clips though!

      • In my opinion, some examples of proper grammar being the correct use of the words their, they’re, and there, limiting the use of slang, not using short-hand terms like “u r” “b 4”, etc. I use words to convey my love of the English language. There is a right way and a wrong way to write and speak the English language. The decision is in the eye of the reader or listener as to whether it is proper or not.

  2. “No matter how good I do on something, they never write good.”

    That is the one case in which “write good” is perfectly grammatical–when “good” is short-hand for “good material” (in this case, meaning “material presenting me in a good light”).

    Trump does enough awful stuff, that we shouldn’t call him out when he’s actually correct.

    • Perhaps, but that would assume that Donald Trump is this sensitive to or knowledgeable about the nuances of usage and grammar. I have seen no evidence of that.

      In other posts (quite a large number of posts, actually), I have been critical of Trump on much more substantive issues, but (1) given how he behaves, I am not sure how far one would have to go before it would constitute a completely gratuitous “cheap shot,” and (2) the word “teachery” in the heading was meant to indicate that I was being self-indulgent; I just couldn’t resist posting this about the candidate who has asserted, “I know words. I have the best words” and “I know all the words, all the good words.”

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