Tellin’ It Like It Is: Politics and Donald Trump’s Language


One Flew East


[By Marc Nozell –, CC BY 2.0,

When Indiana Jones, played by Donald Trump, shoots the Cairo Swordsman (with Jeb Bush and a bunch of other Republicans in the role), someone in the crowd (Hillary Clinton) grabs the dropped scimitar, raises it high and runs off, surrounded by a number of others (the Democrats). She thinks the prize (earlier Republican rhetoric) will serve her well. Her supporters cheer.

So accustomed are they–both Republicans and Democrats–to the old political weapons that neither side sees that Trump, with his shot, has rendered them all antique and inadequate. Trump has changed the language of political discussion as surely as the musket changed warfare.

Which is why, of course, that the old thrusts don’t wound him. And why his own blunderbuss never hurts him. He doesn’t need to close with his opponents and he can’t fall on his own knife when he…

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