Judge Curiel Rejects Motion to Dismiss Trump U Lawsuit


This is from the Progressive Review’s newsletter under the heading “Law Newz”:

“Judge Curiel also found that there was a genuine issue of material fact as to whether Trump ‘knowingly participated’ in the ‘scheme to defraud’ and whether he made representations that were ‘false and misleading.’ Trump’s attorney filed a motion to essentially get the case dismissed, stating that Trump was not integrally involved in the running of the organization and that evidence from depositions showed that there was not enough to proceed with the case. Judge Curiel didn’t agree, finding the plaintiffs had presented sufficient evidence to survive the summary judgment motion. Curiel is the same judge who was the subject of Trump’s public comments about his ‘Mexican’ heritage earlier this spring.”


One thought on “Judge Curiel Rejects Motion to Dismiss Trump U Lawsuit

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