Trump on Citizen Kane


This is from an article in the series The Trump Files being published online by Mother Jones:

“Donald Trump’s favorite movie is Citizen Kane, the 1941 film about a publishing tycoon mogul who surrounds himself with material luxury but struggles to find happiness. ‘I loved Orson Welles,’ Trump told Bloomberg‘s Timothy O’Brien. ‘He was totally fucked up. He was a total mess. But think of his wives. Think of his hits. He was like this great genius that after 26, never did it. He became totally impossible. He thought everybody was a moron, everybody was this, everybody was that; if he had a budget he’d exceed it by 20 times and destroy everything. He became impossible. I loved that.’”

The complete article by Tim Murphy is available at:


2 thoughts on “Trump on Citizen Kane

  1. That’s so sad! Mr. Trump loved Orson Welles’ attitude, wives, and misbehavior, but he managed to miss the lesson of Citizen Kane – that he dies alone, longing for a childhood toy, because money can’t buy love. Well, thanks for the story.

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