“Saving Jobs” in Indiana while Losing Twice as Many Jobs


This is from CNN’s Politics Nightcap newsletter of August 29, written by Eric Bradner:


“Indiana’s Business Tax Breaks under Pence Scrutinized

“Under Gov. Mike Pence, the Republican vice presidential nominee, Indiana companies are getting tax breaks even though they’re outsourcing jobs, the Indianapolis Star‘s Tony Cook reports.

“How does this work? It’s complicated, but here’s an example: Vera Bradley got a 10-year, $1.75 million tax break to add 128 jobs to its 567 in Roanoke, Indiana. But in nearby New Haven, Vera Bradley laid off 250 workers, shifting their jobs to Asia. That’s almost double what they added in Roanoke — yet the company didn’t lose its tax break. Other states have banned this but Indiana has not.

“Why this matters: Pence is running on a Republican ticket laser-focused on jump-starting the economy by cracking down on outsourcing and the trade deals that allow it. That under his leadership, Indiana has failed where other states have succeeded, calls Pence’s ability to achieve that goal into question.”


Mike Pence


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