LIU Lockout Scheduled for Midnight


There’s a short piece on Inside Higher Ed today that says the Long Island University at Brooklyn administration will lock out faculty members starting at midnight “unless the faculty union immediately ratifies a contract and that it has lined up new faculty members to teach.”

This is all sorts of crazy.

One being Orwellian: “The university says its action will assure stability for students.” Disruption is stability. Right.

Another being the neoliberal shibboleth that faculty are merely plugs for filling classroom holes; one is pretty much the same as the next.

And those are just for starters.

LIU faculty are represented by the Long Island University Faculty Federation. Writing on its website, Emily Drabinski says, “This unprecedented, hostile action by the administration was taken while the faculty union… continued to negotiate its contract in good faith.” On her own website, Drabinsky claims that the proposed action “is equal parts enraging, terrifying, and sad. It feels like a betrayal, really, and worse than thing felt when we went on strike five years ago. Faculty have a contentious relationship with administration at my campus, and the relationship keeps getting worse.”

That last verges on understatement, given the administration’s proposed plan.

Perhaps the threatening salient is not the negotiation but an upcoming no-confidence vote concerning LIU President Kimberly Cline. However, trying to look beyond the craziness of the administration’s bizarre proposition, union President Jessica Rosenberg stated, “We will not be intimidated by a lockout that is unprecedented in LIU history, and will continue to bargain in good faith.”

The LIU website contains no mention that I could find of the proposed lockout. Check the LIUFF website and its Facebook page for updates.

4 thoughts on “LIU Lockout Scheduled for Midnight

  1. Please Mr. Krasnoff be the voice of reason concerning the LIU Brooklyn Campus Lockout.
    I know your family has been dedicated to the success LIU and I hate seeing this University
    dragged through the mud. Things will only get worse the longer they continue. I’m already reading
    people’s comments that this is racially motivated because there are more students of color at the Brooklyn Campus. While I personally don’t believe that, you know the media will jump all over that sentiment.
    I do have a son who is a student at LIU Brooklyn and I have always been proud to tell people that.
    As you can see by my email address I work for a local utility and paying the tuition is not easy for me.
    Thank goodness my son received a nice scholarship from LIU because he is an excellent student. He is very concerned about this lockout. He choose his classes very carefully and researched the Professor’s teaching those classes and now who knows who is teaching these classes. Please help settle this dispute.

    • Sal, it is for people like you and your son that we must end the lock-out at LIU and reach a good contract for its faculty. THANK YOU for adding your voice. You have support across the country.

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