Presidential Residences Outside of Ohio, Part 2


Emory U

Emory University

Florida State U

Florida State University

Florida, U of

University of Florida

Furman U

Furman University

Gallaudet U

Gallaudet University

George Washington U

George Washington University

Georgia, U of

University of Georgia

Hampton U


Hampton University

Harvard U

Harvard University

Idaho, U of

University of Idaho


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2 thoughts on “Presidential Residences Outside of Ohio, Part 2

  1. The GWU home on F street is not surprisingly a block or so away from the World Bank bldg. I run by prez home whenever I am in DC. It is actually not too palatial, hardly a flat, but without gardens or palatial grounds. It’s in Foggy Bottom where a blade of grass is a rarity.

    Yet when looking at these homes, I wonder why progressives emphasise the pay gap between ceo and workers but not these presidents of colleges and universities and their faculty and students! I wonder if these presidential robber barons even think of their contingent faculty or debt ridden students as they enjoy such excessive opulence. It is shameful that critical thinking on a campus about injustice, and the ravages of capitalism does not include challenging inequality so close to home.

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