Highest and Lowest Tuition Increases at Public Universities


The following statistics are from a ProPublica report, “Median Income Is Down, But Public College Tuition Is Way Up,” prepared by Fan Fei:





The report, which includes a feature that allows you to identify the tuition increase at any public university or college in the country, is available at: https://projects.propublica.org/graphics/publictuition.


2 thoughts on “Highest and Lowest Tuition Increases at Public Universities

  1. It would be interesting to compare these numbers with data on state support for higher education. In Wisconsin, this website says that public college tuition has gone up by 84% while median income has gone down by 6%. The increased tuition correlates with a drastic drop in state support, which now amounts to less than 20% of the annual university budget. Faculty take-home pay has not gone up — in fact it has gone down about 6-10% (adjusted for inflation).

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