2 thoughts on “Don't Mourn, Organize

  1. I think the point where the left was defeated was when Sanders lost the nomination. I don’t consider Clinton on the “left”. Even though Sanders lost that race he still did very well so there have been some victories amid the setbacks.

  2. Trying with you, Aaron! Somehow we managed to survive both Reagan and George W as a country. We can hope that this is a temporary set-back as we strive to become a more humane and generous nation. In the meantime, we as academics can continue to try to assert AAUP principles and guidelines in our profession. (I can’t even speak those letters on my campus). Thanks for all your good work–don’t give up the fight. Those of us who voted Clinton/Sanders are coming back! We need to do that for all of our students around the country who are upset and in the streets.

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