Confederate Battle Flags, Nazi Salutes, and Causes


One Flew East

Are we stuck with the hatred unleashed by Donald Trump’s success? Are we seeing something that has always been there, but repressed, bubbling to the surface?

I don’t think it’s quite so simple. Or as necessarily permanent as it now may seem.

Let me say this at the outset: All four of my great-great-grandfathers on my mother’s side fought for the Confederacy. One was invalided out just months after entering the army, carrying a bullet in his head for the rest of his life. Another was captured during the Union breakthrough at Petersburg, spending the final weeks of the war in a POW camp in Maryland. Another was a cavalry private who probably fought at Gettysburg. I have less information on the fourth: Other than the fact that he entered the army in the middle of 1862, I know little about him. I wish I knew more.

Yet I want nothing…

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One thought on “Confederate Battle Flags, Nazi Salutes, and Causes

  1. Thank you for this article. Economically or educationally privileged people on the East Coast aren’t as open-minded as they think they are, not when it comes to the rest of the country or even the less privileged in our own communities.

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