New Academe Calls on Faculty to Reclaim Governance Role


AcademeMayJune17CoverAdministrative encroachment. Governing board overreach. Political interference. In light of these and other ominous trends, the need has never been more urgent for faculty to reclaim a central role in the government of our colleges and universities.

The MayJune issue of Academe, now available on the AAUP website, is devoted to academic governance. And it couldn’t be more timely. Some contributors provide cautionary tales—about the ongoing conflict over governance at the University of Louisville, the recent presidential “search” at Kennesaw State University, the increasingly prevalent role of academic technology, and the effects of Title IX enforcement—while others recount encouraging experiences with institutionalizing faculty governance throughout a state university system. Still other contributors offer insightful commentary on governance as a form of faculty activism and on the role of non-tenure-track faculty in governance.

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Louisville, Slugged
By Susan Jarosi and Avery Kolers

Hang Together or Hang Separately
By Afshan Jafar, Simon Feldman, and Joan C. Chrisler

Academic Governance on the Virtual Shop Floor
By Jonathan A. Poritz and Jonathan Rees

“One Faculty” and Academic Governance
By Nicole Monnier

Weathering a Presidential Pseudo-Search
By Andrew Pieper


Trouble with Title IX
By Sine Anahita

SUNY Voices
By Nina Tamrowski, Tina Good, Peter Knuepfer, and Ken O’Brien


How Law School Rankings Change Legal Education
By Donna Young

Parents and College Women’s Success
By Claudia Buchmann

Conservatives in the Academy
By Jeremy Rabkin


From the Editor: Academic Governance
By Michael DeCesare

Legal Watch: Resistance in the ICE Age
By Risa L. Lieberwitz

State of the Profession: Freedom in the Classroom—and in the Trump Era
By Michael Bérubé

From the President: The Impact of Trump’s Budget on Higher Education
By Rudy Fichtenbaum


Willamette University AAUP Chapter
By Kelly Hand


The AAUP in the Trump Era
By Michael Ferguson

New Union Chapter in Santa Fe
By Joshua Guy Lenes

AAUP Investigates Dismissal of Part-Time Faculty Member
By Gregory F. Scholtz

Remembering Mary Burgan
By Kelly Hand


Developments Relating to Association Censure


Michael DeCesare is a professor of sociology at Merrimack College and the chair of the AAUP’s Committee on College and University Governance. He is the guest editor of the May–June 2017 issue of Academe.


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