A Fracas, a Ruckus, or a Rumpus?



At first glance, I thought that this might be a video of a lively discussion at this year’s annual meeting:

As the video captioning makes clear, a debate about a massive infrastructure bill in the Taiwanese legislature degenerated into a partisan melee.

I have checked several sources, and I have found no explanation of why water balloons were so readily available or why they should have become one of the weapons of choice.

My favorite part of the video is the guy in the blue shirt who very dramatically lifts a chair over his head as if he is going to hurl it at someone and then simply lets it drop to the floor.

I guess that we can be thankful that our own partisan divisions have not yet degenerated to this sort of level. But on the off-chance that this sort of thing does occur in our Senate, I am willing to bet that someone will use the opportunity to take a “free” poke at Ted Cruz. In fact, I think that it would be an even-money bet that the person seizing the opportunity would be another Republican.


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