Interviews on Women and Harassment in Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine


The National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine is conducting a study of the impacts of gender-related experiences on women in science, engineering, and medical fields, and they have contracted with RTI International to gather information for the study. RTI International plans to conduct one-hour, in-depth telephone interviews with approximately 40 women faculty members in science, engineering, and medical fields at research institutions who have been personally impacted by any of the following behaviors in a professional setting within the past 5 years:

• Someone making repeated, unwanted sexual advances to you
• Someone using pressure or manipulation to get you to agree to sexual contact
• Inappropriate or sexual remarks, sexual-oriented jokes, or comments about cognitive or intellectual sex differences

If you meet these criteria and are interested in being considered for the study, please complete a brief screening form here.

Thanks for your support!

Click here to complete the faculty interview screening form for the National Academies study.

Guest blogger Irene Ngun is a research associate for policy and global affairs at the National Academies for Science, Engineering, and Medicine.


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