New Academe Examines the Divided University


The new November–December issue of Academe examines political and other divisions within higher education. Contributions from faculty members, AAUP chapter leaders, and an undergraduate activist consider how to advance learning and social justice in tense campus climates. Follow the links in the table of contents below or access the entire issue at


The University in the Age of the Learning Factory (member login required)
Dueling narratives in the culture war around higher education.
By Larry Catá Backer

How Our AAUP Chapter Responded to Postelection Violence
When a student is attacked, how do we respond?
By Amy Hagopian and Eva Cherniavsky

Fostering Student Activism on Campus
Success must be measured by more than immediate results.
By Rachel Watson

Balancing Classroom Civility and Free Speech
Lessons from a history classroom.
By Catherine Nolan-Ferrell

Creating a Civil Classroom in an Era of Incivility (member login required)
Resources for teaching in a politically charged environment.
By Lynn C. Lewis

From a Contract Faculty Member to Her Colleagues: It’s a Feminist Issue
Feminism helps us understand our collective future.
By Gwendolyn Alker

Rewriting the Faculty Handbook: Tales from the Trenches (online only)
A revision process proves the value of transparent engagement.
By Rebecca S. Linger and Ericka P. Zimmerman

Experiential Learning: Some Reservations (online only)
A skeptical perspective on forays into the “real world.” 
By John Fawell


This Is Not the Campus of Your Youth
Leah Chan Grinvald reviews The Branding of the American Mind by Jacob H. Rooksby.

Education and the Austerity Reform Agenda
Deondra Rose reviews Austerity Blues by Michael Fabricant and Stephen Brier.


From the Editor: The Divided University
By Aaron Barlow

Faculty Forum: When the White Supremacists Come to Campus
By Walt Heinecke

From the President: What Is a Union?
By Rudy H. Fichtenbaum


University of Rhode Island Graduate Assistants United


Supreme Court to Hear Antiunion Case

One Faculty, One Resistance Website

Taking a Stand against Harassment

Responding to Border and Immigration Policies

Win for Climate Science and the AAUP

Statement on Events in Charlottesville

New Journal of Academic Freedom Editor and Call for Papers

Chicago Graduate Student Employees Win Union Vote

Emerson Chapter Expands Membership

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