Academe Confronts a New Reality for Faculty


Academe: The New RealityThe new issue of Academe considers the state of the academic profession in a political climate that has exacerbated existing threats to higher education. Articles focus on challenges to academic freedom and collective bargaining, the recent upsurge in harassment campaigns targeting faculty members, and faculty activism.

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Facing the Reality of the Trump Regime
We don’t have the luxury of looking away.
By Henry Reichman

The AAUP in the Age of Trump
When the rules have changed, how should the AAUP react?
By Ellen Schrecker

Academic Freedom and Free Speech on Campus
The academic profession faces a grave threat.
An interview with Joan W. Scott by Bill Moyers

A New Reality? The Far Right’s Use of Cyberharassment against Academics
A firsthand account by a targeted faculty member.
By Joshua A. Cuevas

Trump’s Travel Ban and Embodied Activism (member login required)
What can academic organizations do?
By Heather K. Olson Beal with Brent D. Beal and Paul J. P. Sandul

The Facts behind the Myths about Faculty Activism (member login required)
What is a politically active faculty member, really?
By Samuel J. Abrams

Fighting for Public Higher Education in the Shadow of Criminal Justice Reform (online only)
To dismantle the world’s largest prison population, we must ensure educational access for all.
By Timothy Barnett and Erica R. Meiners

The Tyranny of Neoliberalism in the American Academic Profession (online only)
Faculty members suffer from the ideal of the entrepreneurial worker.
By Evelyn Morales Vazquez and John S. Levin

The Magical Mystery Tour of Tenure in the Land of Oz (online only)
A playful reading yields an academic allegory.
By Robert T. Jerome, Robert N. Horn, and David Cavazos


Title IX and Feminism on Campus
Rana Jaleel reviews Unwanted Advances by Laura Kipnis.

American Higher Education Regained
James Axtell reviews A Perfect Mess by David F. Labaree and For the Common Good by Charles Dorn.


From the Editor: The New Reality
By Aaron Barlow

Legal Watch: Academic Freedom and Guns on Campus
By Aaron Nisenson

State of the Profession: Targeted Harassment–Faculty Report Back
By Anita Levy


Trinity College AAUP Chapter


New AAUP Report Addresses the Assault on Science

AAUP Files Brief Opposing “Campus Carry”

AAUP Committee Commends AGB Governance Statement


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