New Faculty Majority Blog Reboot!

Majority Rules, the reborn blog of the New Faculty Majority, has a call for contributors:

We’re looking for contributions from contingent faculty and allies across the country and anywhere else contingency is a problem for faculty, covering a large number of issues and topics that will help us make and enforce those new rules. This is not a forum for complaints but a place to bear witness, expose exploitation, exchange tactics for change, and plot solutions. We want:

  • Essays on current higher education issues as they relate to contingent faculty
  • Essays on the relationship between K-12 education issues and educators and higher education
  • Essays on the growing alliances between contingent faculty and activists in the student debt and low-wage worker movements
  • Analysis of current reports, trends, and data in higher education that relate to contingent faculty
  • Responses to articles on adjunct issues published elsewhere in the media
  • External cause-related news/events (with commentary)
  • Activism tips/opportunities/actions/resources
  • Organizational news and announcements
  • Research and funding opportunities
  • Calls for Papers
  • Teaching and survival tips
  • Profiles
  • Book reviews
  • Videos
  • Interview Q&As
  • Photo essays
  • Personal stories about adjunct faculty experiences, especially how teaching as an adjunct affects your ability to be the best teacher and scholar you can be

Please see the “Submit a Post“ page for more detail.

On that same note, we here at the Academe blog also welcome new contributors, either on a one-time basis or more regularly. Please contact me at if you are interested and are involved in higher education.

Your comments are welcome. They must be relevant to the topic at hand and must not contain advertisements, degrade others, or violate laws or considerations of privacy. We encourage the use of your real name, but do not prohibit pseudonyms as long as you don’t impersonate a real person.