The Corporate Representation of Contingent Employment

Some time ago, the authors of several posts to this blog, including me, took issue with several reports that asserted either that a very large percentage of adjunct faculty are quite satisfied with the conditions of their employment or, at the opposite extreme, that the main cause of their economic exploitation has been their own failure, for diverse reasons, to compete effectively in the competition for full-time employment.

Well, the first rationalization of the rising numbers of part-time faculty is part of a broader corporate rationalization of contingent workers. The following infographic from Mavenlink Software frames contingent employment not only as a deliberate, personal choice made by most workers in the category but also an opportunity to pursue “solopreneurship.” (Although I have made this point in previous posts, I think that it bears repeating that a tortured neologism is an indication of an analysis or an argument that strains the longstanding conventional terms of discussion.)

New Independent Workforce

The article accompanying the infographic is available at:

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