Campus-Carry Legislation Being Expedited in the Ohio House

The consideration of a campus-carry bill is being accelerated through the Ohio House.

Ohio House Bill 48 is scheduled for a vote on the House floor tomorrow, November 17.

If you are an Ohio resident, please contact your State Representative ASAP using our form [] to tell them that you oppose this bill.

HB 48 reduces the offense for unauthorized carrying of a concealed handgun on the premises of an institution of higher education to a minor misdemeanor if the offender produces a valid conceal-carry license within ten days of arrest.

The bill would allow Ohio colleges and universities to develop a policy for allowing conceal-carry of handguns on campus and would grant institutions immunity from liability caused by a conceal/carry licensee bringing a gun on to campus.

The Ohio Conference AAUP consistently has opposed any measures that would open the door for conceal-carry on campuses. In fact, at our Annual Meeting two weekends ago, the assembly passed a resolution against this legislation which I have posted to this blog.


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