AAUP Leadership in Midst of CUNY Activism

On October 20, The Excelsior, the student news site at Brooklyn College published an article titled “Brooklyn College PSC Continues to Press CUNY and the State.”

At the top of the article is this photo of James Davis, who served several terms on the Executive Committee of AAUP’s national Collective Bargaining Congress, and Rudy Fichtenbaum, president of the AAUP:

James Davis and Rudy

The complete article is available at: http://bcexcelsior.com/brooklyn-college-psc-continues-to-press-cuny-and-the-state/. No author is identified.




5 thoughts on “AAUP Leadership in Midst of CUNY Activism

    • I removed an errant comma in the second paragraph, but I have now re-read the first paragraph frontwards and backwards about a dozen times and I just don’t see any typos. And now I’d really like to know what I am missing.

    • Joan–and Aaron–thanks much!

      When I initially replied to your comment, Joan, I was obviously reading what Aaron had already fixed.

      When I just now opened the saved copy in Word, I saw the typo immediately–and I cannot imagine how I missed it in the first place.

      Although I have had some notable previous lapses in proofreading dating back to when I was an undergraduate, this one may be the most unfortunate.

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