Blind at Widget College


Featured Image -- 26174This, from Steve Kuusisto, author of Planet of the Blind, is worth us all reading:

Planet of the Blind

I am a blind person. Notice I’m using people last language since in public I’m blind “first” and a person only in the most conditional sense. It’s not fashionable to say this. What’s popular in “the idioms” is arguing blindness is nothing more than an inconvenience, why it’s nothing really. I wish this was true. But in my experience I’m always a problem whenever I leave my house. I’ve written about this on my blog for close to nine years. Many disability themed bloggers also discuss the subject—this problematized life we endure when we venture out.

As a poet I tend to think about disadvantaging spaces in gestural ways which is to say I think being on the playing field is important. If the Americans with Disabilities Act gave us the opportunity to be out in public then by God we should be everywhere. You can’t count on your rights…

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