New Academe Focuses on a Profession “in the Crosshairs”


The new September–October issue of Academe focuses on a profession that increasingly finds itself “in the crosshairs.” Articles address recent and historical instances of targeted harassment of faculty, the obligations of tenure-track faculty toward colleagues on contingent appointments, and the suppression of a course scrutinizing collegiate athletics. Follow the links in the table of contents below or on the AAUP website at





Faculty Rights in the Classroom
Classroom activities remain a faculty responsibility.
By Aaron Nisenson

Exhuming McCarthy (Meet Me at the Book Burning)
Faculty members respond to the Professor Watchlist.
By Hans-Joerg Tiede

Surviving Attacks on Academic Freedom
A lesson from the past.
By Larry Gara

“Tenured Allies” and the Normalization of Contingent Labor
Tenured faculty need to step up.
By Carolyn Betensky

Our Job Was to Fix It
An effort to improve the treatment of non-tenure-track faculty.
By Michael Bérubé

Academic Freedom, Meet Big-Time College Sports
Can sports and its money control the curriculum?
By Jay Smith

How Should Textbook Authorship Count in Evaluating Scholarly Merit, or Should It Count at All? (online only)
Factors for tenure and promotion need constant reevaluation.
By Nicky Hayes and Robert J. Sternberg

A Short Interviewing Guide (online only)
Navigating the interview process in a competitive academic job market.
By Florence Neymotin

The Danger of a Liberal Arts Education (online only)
The importance of “becoming.”
By Ryan McIlhenny


Paying the Price of a Broken System
Anastasia C. Wilson reviews Paying the Price by Sara Goldrick-Rab.

The Failure of Privatization
Henry Reichman reviews The Great Mistake by Christopher Newfield.


From the Editor: In the Crosshairs
By Aaron Barlow

Faculty Forum: Telling Stories to Defend Our Scholarship
By Arlene Stein

State of the Profession: Stripping Academic Freedom from Administrators
By James L. Turk

Legal Watch: Friedrichs Redux?
By Risa L. Lieberwitz


University of Connecticut AAUP Chapter


Summer Institute

Amicus Brief in Support of Climate Scientists

Victory at Trinity College

Border Patrol Searches of Electronic Devices

AAUP Opposes Weakening of ABA Standards

Two New Hires

Evelyn Miller (1928–2017)

One thought on “New Academe Focuses on a Profession “in the Crosshairs”

  1. The saddest thing about the attacks on professor’s tenure, is that this policy is the heart and soul of a university. You pay for good professors, that know their subject and produce students on their way to an education.
    it is totally sick what they are doing to adjunct teachers. No office, no benefits, yearly contacts surely show that the leaders of these colleges and universities have not one idea of what a university if about. Too many board members from big business that think that running a university is running a company. It is not. From a person looking in from the outside its seems that way too many colleges are letting the students run the show
    If there is one right this country has it is that every person, student, worker, professor, whoever has “Freedom of Speech.” If you don’t agree with the comment debate it out. Take a few hours and sit down with Plato’s
    Dialogues and notice how Socrates deals with this problems. There was no safe space in Athens.
    This is going to be a big fight and I’m sure that many professors are up to it. But this is not what they should be doing. Teaching is what they should be doing Taking students along that never ending road to education. And remember it is never ending.

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