An Explication of a Trump Sentence


In this first part of a multi-part article written for Information Clearing House, a media site and aggregator that I think can be fairly described as Far Left, William Blum offers the following explication of a Trump sentence. In Blum’s commentary, there is at least one remark on the projection of U.S. military power that will surely rub some people the wrong way, but I think that Blum unarguably captures the glib banality with which Trump and many of his supporters speak about possible military actions and even the possible use of nuclear weapons, without any apparent awareness of or concern about how such conflicts might very easily escalate in unpredictable and catastrophic ways:

Capturing the wisdom and the beauty of Donald J. Trump in just one statement escaping from his charming mouth: “Our military has never been stronger. Each day, new equipment is delivered; new and beautiful equipment, the best in the world–-the best anywhere in the world, by far.”

 Here the man thinks that everyone will be impressed that the American military has never been stronger.

 And that those who, for some unimaginable reason, are not impressed with that will at least be impressed that military equipment is being added EACH DAY. Ah yes, it’s long been a sore point with most Americans that new military equipment was being added only once a week.

 And if that isn’t impressive enough, then surely the fact that the equipment is NEW will win people over. Indeed, the newness is important enough to mention twice. After all, no one likes USED military equipment.

 And if newness doesn’t win everyone’s heart, then BEAUTIFUL will definitely do it. Who likes UGLY military equipment? Even the people we slaughter all over the world insist upon good-looking guns and bombs.

 And the best in the world. Of course. That’s what makes us all proud to be Americans. And what makes the rest of humanity just aching with jealousy.

 And in case you don’t fully appreciate that, notice that he adds that it’s the best ANYWHERE in the world.

And in case you still don’t fully appreciate that, notice that he specifies that our equipment is the best in the world BY FAR! That means that no other country is even close! Just imagine! Makes me choke up.

Lucky for the man … his seeming incapacity for moral or intellectual embarrassment.

He’s twice blessed. His fans like the idea that their president is no smarter than they are. This may well serve to get the man re-elected, as it did with George W. Bush.


Blum’s complete article is available at:


2 thoughts on “An Explication of a Trump Sentence

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  2. This “far left” critic could have been far more harsh. He hardly mentioned the tiny vocabulary, the pathological over-investment in external approval, the complete ignorance about world attitudes and affairs, or the fetishization of technology that has distorted not only the military but the entire American economy for the last half century. But it’s a good start.

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