The Rush to Revoke Honors Given to Weinstein


In a short article for Variety, Erin Nyren has reported that the Executive Committee of the Hutchins Center for African and African American Research, which awarded Harvey Weinstein the Du Bois Medal in 2014, has voted to revoke the award.

The statement released by the Hutchins Center reads: “We have voted unanimously to rescind the Du Bois Medal awarded to Mr. Weinstein in 2014. We stand with the women who have courageously come forward to fight for themselves and indeed for all of those who have experienced similar abuse.”

Nyren notes that the “W.E.B. Du Bois Medal is the university’s highest honor for contributions to African and African American culture” and that “Oprah Winfrey, Muhammad Ali, and Maya Angelou have also received the honor.

Nyren identifies the other groups that have rescinded Weinstein’s awards and memberships. The list includes the University of Buffalo’s initiating the process to revoke the honorary degree it awarded to him, which I highlighted in a previous post.

Nyren also reports, however, that the shunning of Weinstein has become international:  “Emmanuel Macron of France has taken action to rescind Weinstein’s Legion of Honor.”


The complete text of Nyren’s article is available at:


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  1. If this is related to the AAUP blog and its mission, I wish you’d write what you see as the connection. This appears to be a news post, and I get my news from other sources. I come to the AAUP blog to read what leaders in AAUP think about AAUP related issues and debates. Just saying. 🙂

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