An Investigation into the Work Life of Adjunct Faculty


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I am studying the work life of adjunct faculty. You are invited to participate in this research if:

  • You work as an adjunct faculty member.
  • Your place of work is based in the United States of America.

This research will help us understand the work life of adjunct faculty. We need your honest input. Participation is voluntary, and you may quit at any time. This survey should not cause you any discomfort or stress. There is no immediate benefit to participants.

The online survey will take about five minutes to complete. To take the survey, please click here to go to SurveyMonkey.


Your responses are anonymous. The survey tool does not collect any personal information. Computer addresses are not stored.

Questions should be directed to:

David Hildebrandt, PhD, Primary Investigator
School of Education
Northcentral University

The primary investigator can be reached via email at

This study is being overseen by the Institutional Review Board at Northcentral University. If you have answer or concerns, send an email to

David Hildebrandt is an adjunct professor in the School of Education at Northcentral University


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