Can Reality Be an Oxymoron? (1)

Over the past six months or so, I have saved the following headlines. I think that they justify the title of this post.


1,000 California Foster Care Homes Match Sex Offender Addresses

Are We Going to Become Allies of al-Qaeda

“Bea Arthur Naked,” John Currin Painting, Auctioned for $1.8 Million

Body Slamming Piglets to Death Humane, Pork Experts Say

Bus Carrying Carnival Triumph Cruiseship Passengers Breaks Down

Casey Anthony Lawyer Says Client May Become Paralegal

Famed Nude Beach to Ban Nudists

Feds Propose Showering Farallon Islands with Poison to Save Ecosystem

Five Men Shot Outside Church in ‘Safe Passage’ Zone on Chicago’s North Side

Germany Is the Most Popular Country in the World

Heart Attack Grill Delivers on Its Promise

Idaho Ponders Tax Break for a Company that Pays Nothing in State Income Taxes

Illinois Man Arrested for Soliciting Prostitute While on His Honeymoon

It Looks like Chris Brown and Rihanna Are Still Dating

Law & Order SVU Casts Mike Tyson as a Rape Victim

London’s FREEDOM Anarchist Bookstore Firebombed

Lottery Winners Accidentally Blow Up House

Missoni’s Disappearance Creates New Fears of Bermuda Triangles Worldwide

New Technologies Are Making Us More like the Amish

New Jersey Ponders New Boardwalks without Boards

Online Relationships Can be More Real than Real Ones

Pitbulls Used to Be Considered the Perfect Nanny Dogs for Children

Salt Lake City Has Highest Rate of Same-Sex Couples Raising Kids

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