Can Reality Be an Oxymoron? (2)

Here are some relatively recent headlines that I have collected:

Former Al-Qaeda Barber Seized in Iraq

American without Arab Roots Almosts Wins “Arabs Got Talent!”

Andy Kauffman’s Brother Says He’s the Victim of a Hoax

Biologists Use Cannons to Capture and Tag Endangered Birds

Celebrating the Holidays behind Bars

China to Send Pig Sperm to Space

Dave’s Killer-Bread Founder Arrested after Chase Leaving Three Cruisers Wrecked

Fortune Teller Stabbed by Son in Murder-Suicide

Nationwide Moth Hunt under Way in UK

New York’s Hottest Club Goes Boating in Sewage

Paul Walker, “Fast And The Furious” Actor. Dies in Car Crash

Prince Harry’s Antarctic Race Called Off Due to Harsh Weather

Toronto Santa Speedo Run – Fundraisers Brave Snow in Swimsuits for Sick Children

Two-Year-Old Saudi Boy Becomes Youngest to Have Gastric Bypass Surgery

Victim of Domestic Violence Arrested to Protect Her

Woodbridge Teen Drowns during Traffic Stop

Then this from the WalMart website:

Stick It to The 1% with This Occupy Wall Street Poster from Walmart

Here are the posters, selling for $52 each:

Occupy Wall Street Poster 1

Occupy Wall Street Poster 2

But they are not offering for sale any of these other Occupy posters:

Occupy Wall Street Poster 3

Occupy Wall Street Poster 4

Occupy Wall Street Poster 5

Occupy Wall Street Poster 6


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