Can Reality Be an Oxymoron? (3)

First several higher-ed items:

Concordia U Public Safety Director Fired for Masturbating in Office

No Phones, Please. This Is a Communications Class


Other Items:

1,900 Killed in Syria during Peace Talks

2nd Order Mistake Leads to Drive-Thru Shooting at Grand Rapids’ McDonald’s

Ariana Grande Will Not Be Charged In Donut-Licking Incident

Border Patrol in Detroit Finds TN Car Stolen 40 Years Ago

Child Advocate Menaces Ex by Leaving Slashed Teddy Bear on Porch

Congress Begins Weeklong Observation Of One-Day Holiday

Doughnut Shop Won’t Sell Doughnuts Because They’re Too Unhealthy

Friends Trying to Hand Off Rice Cooker Cause Scare at Casino

German Man Stays in Burning Sex Shop to Finish Watching Porn

In Quest to ‘Redefine the News,’ CNN Lays Off More than 40 Journalists

Large Wave Washes Out Jersey Shore Town’s Fireworks Display

Man Sets Fire to Spider at Gas Pump, Sparking Blaze

Military Nears Holy Grail, Pizza That Lasts Years

New York Man Named God Settles with Credit Agency

Pope Francis Offers Baptism to Martians

‘Sopranos’ Club Owner Turns Mob Informant

St. Louis Co. Man Attacked Neighbor with Homemade Club

There Is Now Such a Thing As ‘Fit Beer’


And, lastly, here are a few from the BBC:

Burundi Rebels Say Sorry for War

Diarrhoea Affects Quake Victims

Donated Brains ‘in Short Supply’

Haiti Kidnap Children Alive

World’s Biggest Fish ‘Shrinking’


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